Had a good time last night.
and I went met at the park and ride and went down into
denver. After a few minutes of wandering around for parking
(People out for dinner on a sunday night?), we went to
gumbos for
dinner. It was pretty good. I had the blackened shrimp.

Then off to
rock island for
DJ set. We missed the first song or two, but were there for the
rest. Really nice set. I didn’t recognize many of the songs, but
I liked almost all of them. Will have to go do some disc
shopping I fear.

Got to meet
Gavin and
probibly about 6 others that I am not sure I heard correct names
for. All very nice folks. There was the usual fun people
watching. Some people were even dressed worse that I was!
(gasp). There were some nice hairdoos, some elaborate coustoumes
and general amusement.

The music went down hill after elusis was done. Hung around for
another hour or so and then bailed out to come home and let
merlin out. All in all a good evening.