Well, my 802.11g access point and pcmcia card came in today. It’s odd,
they both came UPS ground but one showed up in the morning and
then the second one showed up late afternoon. UPS is not known
for showing up several times. In this case I am glad they did.
The pcmcia card worked no problems with the prism54 driver from
prism54.org. It worked well
with my existing 802.11b access point, then I connected the new
802.11g AP and it came up fine there too.

The access point is fun to play with. It runs Linux under the hood. I
first looked over the 2.00 firmware it shipped with. All the
usual things you would expect to have on an AP. Then I
upgraded to the latest Linksys one, which is 2.02.8. The
firmware upgrade worked fine, and it had a few new features,
nothing too exciting. Then I decided to be daring and load the
Firmware. It’s very slick. ssh support, firewall support all kinds of
things. It’s fun to ssh in and look around on the access
point. Will have to keep playing with it in the days to come. I
wonder if I shouldn’t buy another one before they stop making

One slight problem I ran into is suspend/resume not working right with
the new pcmcia card. Looks like I made the pcmcia support
builtin instead of modular. Oops. Oh well, it gave me a chance
to build a new 2.4.25-rc2 kernel with the prism54 stuff built