Haven’t updated in a few days. A few things to report. Merlin is
settling in ok. He doesn’t seem to like being crated and left at
home. He shreaded up a blanket and there was a lot of drool in
the crate. He was pretty calm when I got back though. My
microphone on my webcam failed to work, so I didn’t get a
recording of him to see if he was making any noise. Will have to
see about fixing that. Twyla has been a bit growly to him, but I
think thats due to her wanting to make sure she’s still alpha
bitch. Merlin has started playing with stuffed toys and he ran
around the yard with the other two a bit today. He still does
look out the window and whine sometimes.

My router and 802.11g card should be here tomorrow sometime. Should be
fun to play with.

This thursday I am going to be giving a “Linux and Laptops” talk to
Boulder Linux Users Group.
Everyone should come out and heckle.