Day 1 started out way too early. 7am (which feels like 4am for me!).

After a quick breakfast downstairs, and run by registration I made it to the ballroom just in time for opening announcements then our Glorious Fedora Project Leaders “State of the Fedora” talk. The room was pretty packed actually, and as allways Matt had some pretty charts and graphs.

I found the premise interesting: That Fedora lives on the innovation curve at the very front left. A small bit behind the very bleeding edge, and back to where it starts getting boring. If thats true (and it seems likely), then we always need to be pulling in the very new stuff from one side and integrating it. So the state of things now is a bit on fire, but in a good way.

After that was the group picture (interested to see how it turned out this time) and then everyone running a session got a minute (or less) to pitch their session and try and get folks interested in going to them.

Then, on to sessions:

  • Lunch: Not bad. Sandwitches on the deck looking over the resorts gold course.
  • Pagure hackfest: There were not many of us, but we made some progress. Pingou and I fixed the incoming email processing on so emails can comment.
  • State of the Fedora Server: A quick overview of server and what is going on. Amazingly we ran out of time. If folks still have more questions, please ask on the server list.
  • Fedora Legal: this is why I drink: a great session as always from Spot.
  • Lots of “hallway” discussion and talk on all kinds of topics.

Then time for games night + dinner (pizza) and beer. The evening ended with us hanging out in the hotel bar and chatting on all sort of topics.