Day two of flock started too early for non morning people (8:30am), so I was up around 7am to shower, get some breakfast (at the hotel resturant, it was ok) and get over to the conference rooms.

There were a ton of interesting talks in the morning, but we were also having some rawhide and branched compose issues, so I opted to go to the hallway track and work on that and discuss all kinds of things with all kinds of people. It was great to be able to have full bandwith discussions with someone about something.

Had lunch outside on the deck. It was very nice there, but a bit hot and bright for a bunch of nerds. Lunch discussion was all over the place, including new arm laptop (pinebook) and Fedora builders and how various things were made to laptops and support from various vendors.

Then it was time to rush to the EPEL for the future talk from Smooge. The room was standing room only, so perhaps people are realizing how popular and important EPEL is. Smooge presented some proposals for dealing with various problems in EPEL, but I had to go and get a server that crashed back up and running, so I missed the discussion part of this. Hopefully we will see more discussion in EPEL meetings and on the epel-devel list.

Next up was Ricky’s talk about our recent openshift deployment. He went over how we are doing things and the various caveats and issues around any new tech. The slot was only 30min, but he covered things very well.

Next (in the same room) was Jeremy’s talk about the future of fedmsg. I was a bit confused here I admit (sorry Jeremy!) about the scope and nature of changes. Really it was a bunch of things we could (or decide not to) change. I somehow thought of it as all tied together. I am sure this will also have a bunch more discussion soon and we will see what we all want to do here.

I then went back to the hallway to work on compose issues and some urgent tickets.

Then it was time for the evening event: Wackenhammers arcade. It was a pretty amusing old time arcade with beer and food from a food truck. Got some nice visiting in here with the Fedora kernel team and tons of other folks.