Day 3 started again at 8:30, so nice and early.

First up was Mike McGrath giving the “What does Red Hat want?” talk. He had a very interesting (and likely right on the money) concept: Fedora lives in the space right after the very early adopters of something and before the bulk of people start adopting something. In other words, if we aren’t adopting new things, stablizing them a bit and then moving on, we are not in the right place. We don’t want something too soon, it has to be starting to gain adoption, and we also don’t want something thats too stable and going on to the masses because it’s boring. Excellent food for thought.

Next was my workshop (luckily nearby Mikes talk). The room was pretty packed, which was great. I first went over plans for the rest of this year, next year and beyond as I see them. I’d like to see us get more apps in openshift. A lot of the simple ones shouldn’t be hard at all. Then, I’d like to look at leveraging some cloud providers some more. Since we have openshift and apps in it we could look at migrating some of them to cloud providers and reduce our dependency on our hardware in our main datacenter. This would also allow us to spread out more and handle more traffic and load more easily. I’d like to also work more with other open source community infrastructures: in particular CentOS folks, who we already talked to about running our jenkins instance and setting up better integration between pagure and centosci. We share a lot of needs and there’s no reason we can’t also share resources to meet those needs. I’d also like to get more metrics than we have these days (about bwandwith used, cpu consumed, etc… which moving to a cloud provider will give us). There will of course be lots of things where that doesn’t make sense (like the buildsystem/releng machines), but it should make us a lot more flexable.

After going over that I opened things up to questions and ideas. I was hoping for some more crazy off the wall ones, but we did get a number of good ones. We talked jenkins and CI, we talked about metrics and things that do that, monitoring (if we wanted to move away from our current setup), how we might best make use of modules (perhaps have infra specific ones we use for our apps, which makes us not be tied to a specific Fedora release), making docs or other artifacts via openshift, or even reworking how packages are built to use it. Then we broke up to hack on various things and let other folks have some time back if there were things they needed to do.

Then after a bit of hallway/fixing compose issues time, it was lunch again.

After lunch was a general talk on modularity. I think I had a handle on things before this, but it was good to see the current state and there were some great questions from the audience.

After that it was back to the hallway to discuss things with folks and work on composes and other fires.

There was no planned dinner this evening, so went out and had a relaxing dinner with some folks at a local pasta place.