The last day of Flock started even earlier with a team breakfast. The Fedora Engineering team (which I am on) really only gets together once a year at flock, so we gathered up for a team breakfast to catch up on things and see each other in person. Nice breakfast at the Egg and I.

Then back to the conference where folks were showing off what they did or telling people how their sessions went. I think a number of folks had to depart before this, so I am not sure how well it worked, but it was nice to hear how sessions I was unable to attend went.

Next up was the weekly FESCo meeting. Since most of us were at flock, we gathered in the hotel lobby with laptops and had a IRC meeting while all together. The meeting went pretty quickly and then it was time to catch a ride to the airport. The ride was smooth and trouble free until we got close to the airport. Then an accident made the last few miles take an hour or so. I had time to catch a sandwitch and a beer before my flight (did you know Sam Adams makes a nitro vanilla porter?). Flight was long, but uneventfull and then just the hour or so drive home. Finally got home around midnight local time.

Some final thoughts:

  • I’m not sure the recap works on the last day. Might be better the end of the previous day so everyone is still around?
  • I’m not sure I feel like I got much “do”in done. I definitely got a lot of nice discussions and learned some very nice things, but not sure how much I really did while there. Perhaps it would be good if we want to do that focus again to have workshops/sessions decide up front what they want to do and then report on if they did it or more than that or less than that. Have a concrete goal to work on. It’s so easy to get distracted.
  • I met a number of new folks or people I only knew via IRC, but perhaps we could do something to mix things up more and get people to meet up with new people instead of talking only to old friends. Perhaps some game/badge you can only get by scanning people’s badges or a event where random teams are made for something? Or assign everyone a conference buddy that is the oldest fas account holder with the newest and so on.

Anyhow, I had a great time as always. Many kudos to the flock team and all the attendees! +1 would flock again. 😉