It’s almost time for flock 2017. This year it’s in Cape Cod. Also this year I am heading there not from Denver, but from Salem, OR.

My best option for flights this year was a red-eye from Portland to Boston, then the bus out to Hyannis. It was a long, but uneventfull journey: 10:45pm out of Portland, 7am arrival at Boston, and 10am arrival at the Hyannis bus station.

I then started the walk (about a mile) to the hotel, but turns out I ran into some Fedorans I know, and they had a car, so I had a nice ride to the hotel.

The hotel is pretty large, but it’s pretty weird to get to/from our rooms as you have to go up and down stairs and around. It’s definitely past it’s glory days, but still seems reasonable to me.

After making the hotel, some hacking in the lobby and visiting and then lunch and dinner at some local main street places (burger and beer and then italian for dinner). After the long day, I was asleep before 10pm. 🙂

Tomorrow: Day 1!