Hey look, it’s been exactly 30 days since my last rawhide post. What a ride it’s been this last month:

The mass rebuild was delayed a bit due to tooling issues, then releng availablity, but finally happened around the beginning of the month. Then, sadly, another one was called for due to a binutils issue on ppc64. Luckily this was just all the archfull packages (the noarch ones were unaffected and could be reused from the first rebuild).

There have been a bunch of issues plaguing composes, including, but not limited to:

  • rdma-core replacing a number of other packages and needing lorax to adjust to it pulling perl into the base images.
  • rdma-core not building for armv7 and lorax needing to not try and install it on that platform.
  • Storage backend issues. We are now thinking it’s some interaction between Linux kernel and NFSv4.1. But the slowness has made composes and new build repos very slow sometimes.
  • New rpm that switched to sha256 headers breaking signing because old rpm didn’t correectly read the new headers (in an update this has been fixed now).
  • New rpm needing a bunch of things that linked to it rebuilt.
  • After the mass rebuild, all f28 needed signing with the new f28 key. (took a few days, but done).

Due to all that we have had many fewer actual finished composes than we normally had in the past (now that pungi will fail a compose if any required part fails). I’m not sure if thats making things better or worse, but hopefully they will get better. It does mean when we do get a compose there’s a better chance of it being usable, but also when we don’t theres no new repos for people to use day to day.

And tons of new things landing:

  • Bunch of changes to debuginfo. Now there are split debuginfo per subpackage and sources are all in a debugsource package.
  • Kerberos KCM is setup by default.
  • Tons of new versions of things: rpm, glibc, gcc, kernel, etc.

F27 branched off rawhide to go it’s way to release, and f24 went end of life (We thank it for it’s long and valient service).

Next week is flock (Fedora’s big yearly conference). I look forward to seeing my Fedora family and working on tons and tons of things. (This years theme is more ‘do’ than ‘talk’). Hope to see many of you there!