As we near the release of Fedora 25, as always I upgrade my main servers to the new release before things come out so I can share any problems or issues I hit and possibly get them fixed before the official release.

As with the last few cycles, there was almost no problems. The one annoying item I hit was a configuration change in squid. In the past squid allowed you to have a ‘http_port NNNN intercept’ and no regular http_port defined, however the Fedora 25 version ( squid-4.0.11-1.fc25 ) fails to start with a cryptic: “mimeLoadIcon: cannot parse internal URL: http://myhost:0/
squid-internal-static/icons/…” error. It took me a while to find out that I needed to add a ‘http_port NNNN’ also now.

Otherwise everything went just fine. Many thanks to our excellent QA and upgrade developers.