Just a quick note that with the upstream kernel folks opening up the merge window for the 4.9 linux kernel, rawhide also has been getting these merge kernels. Of course there’s a ton of churn when the kernel merge window is open, vast amounts of things are merged, so it’s a wonder they usually work as well as they do.

In this case there seems to be some pretty severe issues with at least kernel-4.9.0-0.rc0.git1.1.fc26 and kernel-4.9.0-0.rc0.git2.1.fc26 at least. In vm’s they seem to boot and then start oopsing. On my laptop it does boot, but then waits about 2 minutes at waiting for usb devices, boots the rest of the way up and then has no wireless or usb devices.

https://bugzilla.redhat.com/1382134 is tracking at least part of this issue and the kernel maintainers are digging into it. Of course while they are, more things are being merged (possibly even fixes to these issues), so hopefully it will all shake out in the next few days.

In the mean time, rawhide users are advised to just switch back to the 4.8.0 final kernel for now.