It’s once again been a while since one of these posts, but again I’m going to try and do them more often again.

This last week had a few big changes in rawhide:

  • With the Fedora 26 change approval last week ( ) DNF-2.0 has landed in rawhide. Things were a bit shaky at first as the compose tools were not also updated, but anaconda folks were ready with a patch and lorax got a patch from the DNF maintainers and everything landed. There’s still one big issue outstanding: dnf 2.0 sets strict group installs back to true, which causes all the live media to fail to compose. Some of our comps groups contain packages that only exist in some arches, not all of them, and when dnf does strict group installs it errors when it cannot find all the packages in the group. I’ve filed a bug for figuring this out:
  • Last year we setup a quick and dirty autosigning setup for rawhide, which was just a script in a loop run by releng folks when they remembered to do so. This meant it wasn’t all that reliable. Now, thanks to Patrick Uiterwijk, we have a real autosigning setup implemented and are very very close to an always signed rawhide. The final bit of gating needs a update to fedpkg to go out first, but as of last week, most everything should be signed with only the rare issue with a build that lands right before the compose starts.
  • There has been some work the last few weeks to produce a rpm ostree for rawhide that is updated every few minutes. Once this is available it will be a great help to testing and running rawhide.
  • Xorg server 1.19 almost landed, but we need to fix tigervnc before it can (at least without breaking all the install paths for rawhide). That is being fixed in a side tag and should land as soon as tigervnc is fixed. is tracking that work
  • A while back changes were made to cause composes that fail when some deliverables don’t compose. This has been very helpful in making sure changes that land don’t break things. New package builds that cause the entire compose to fail can be untagged until the breakage is fixed.

That’s it for now from the rawhide trail…