My flight was leaving sunday so that gave me an extra day in Krakow to do some recovery and visiting with folks that hadn’t left yet.

Pingou and I had breakfast and then headed down to the city center to get some shopping and touristing done. Dennis Gilmore and Peter Robinson joined us. It was much cooler today than it had been, and a light mist/rain was falling. We did some shopping and walked around the castle, then pingou had to head out to his flight. Dennis and Peter and I had lunch in a basement restaurant. It was nice, but we had no polish speakers with us and they didn’t have much english, but it worked out fine in the end. The rain started coming down much harder then, so we decided to head back to the hotel.

Back to the hotel to catch up on email and blogs. Which reminds me: remember that flock is great for discussing things, but you should always present them to your community that wasn’t present for their input before just deciding them. The items we discussed in the infra workshop the other day still need to be discussed on the infra list next week and more input gathered before we decide on anything.

Sunday was a day of travel. I had no problems, but 15 hours of flights and standing in queues does wear. The customs at DIA took a while, it seems about 3 international flights landed at the same time, so all the lines were long, but I managed to make it home in the end.

Next week: communicating discussions at flock and catching up on everything!

A quick shout out to the folks organizing flock: great job! Everything ran very smoothly and professionally. You all rock!