A bit of sleep and time for the next day of flock!

The second keynote was quite interesting. It was Radosław Krowiak Co-owner, Akademia Programowania.
His company uses open source programming to tech children valuable skills. There was a NASA survey on creativity and 5 year olds scored an average 98%, and 15 year olds on 12%. It’s so important to tech programing and science and teamwork when young. Very interesting stuff, I hope there’s more of this sort of company out there.

Next was Michael Scherer’s talk on Desktop security. Lots of good suggestions. I would recommend looking at the video as soon as it’s up and adjusting your security practices. It’s a dangerous world out there.

After lunch, I went to Ralph Beans “Factory 2.0” talk. Great stuff. Basically these are the changes that need to happen to Fedora’s build/release pipeline to support all the cool modularity and other changing deliverables. I think they took a great approach here by scoping things, then only adding what they need to add and adjusting existing services. Trying to re-write the entire factory would take far too long. Will be interesting to see how this all progresses.

Then on to my talk about using Rawhide day to day. I think it went pretty well, there were some good questions and everyone seemed interested in the topic. I hope we get some more Rawhide users from it. I should have my slides up once I get home, will make a note of it when they are up.

After that I hung out in the hallway/lobby and talked to too many people to mention. Flock is great for putting faces to names you only see on mailing lists or IRC. It’s also great to talk to people higher bandwith on some topics. Something that would take you many back and forth emails can be discussed in a short real conversation.

The evenings event was great! Dinner on a boat on the river and a short river ride around. The food was good and Krakow is a lovely city.

Tomorrow: workshops!