Tuesday started bright and early with breakfast at the hotel. A reasonable selection of breakfast goods and the staple of flock: coffee.

Then it was time for the first keynote: The Fedora Project Leader’s state of the Fedora union. Some nice numbers here and a few nice questions on other nmbers that would be good to gather.

Then, I went to Adam Miller’s talk on the Open Shift Build Service in Fedora. I knew most of this before, but it was a really nice overview of the parts and how they fit together. This talk gave me a nice list of questions to feed into our infrastructure workshop later when designing mirrorlist containers.

Lunch was again in the hotel, and was just fine. Lots of discussion with various people on various topics.

After lunch I went to the state of the Fedora server talk. Since I am in the Server working group I knew this discussion ahead of time, but it was good to be there to help the others giving the talk. There were some good suggestions from the audience, especially mentioning a ansible based replacement for rolekit.

I then took to the hallway track for a while and talked with some old friends and new.

Final talk for me of the day was the kernel talk. This time given by Laura Abbott. A great talk to point new contributors to, and some nice questions. I hope there’s more folks from the community wanting to step up and help out with the kernel, there’s always a ton to do.

Finally the day ended with an absolutely wonderful dinner at Restauracja Pod Baranem. Very good food and company.

A short 6 block walk back from the tram and it was time for sleep. Looking forward to day two.