Two more days of FAD to go. Today and tomorrow and then folks head home (on Fedora 21 release day).

Today we really worked on figuring out our proxy setup in ansible. We divided up some things and got to work. I made a proxy02.stg instance that we could configure with ansible and then compare against the proxy01.stg made by puppet. Ralph worked on the templates for the websites and Pingou worked on varnish and haproxy ansible roles. Patrick worked on migrating all our nameservers from puppet to ansible. Luke worked on test coverage for mailman 2 and got it really going on the mirrorlists setup. Smooge worked on people and planet ansible migrating. David finished getting fedimg all working in stg.

Later in the afternoon we all took a break to go up to Duram and visit Seth Vidals ghost bike. It was a somber occasion. I still very much miss him. ;(

After that we met up for dinner with Tom Callaway and Ruth, then everyone headed to sleep.

Last day tomorrow. Hope we can get the proxy setup mostly done. 🙂