Last day to get things done. Tomorrow folks head home (on release day morning even).

I cleaned up the postgres server ansible role we had to handle things more nicely. Ralph kept slugging away at the proxy playbooks. Patrick worked on single sign out, then openid for bodhi. Pingou got mirrormanager2 rpms built and playbooks setup to install them in staging. I looked over keepalived, and it should work for our limited needs.

So, moving forward, we need to:

  • Finish getting proxy setup in staging and test it a bunch before rolling out to production.
  • Finish mirrormanager2 deployment in stg and test a bunch and roll to production.
  • Next week likely we will schedule some outages and migrate some machines that need downtime for that… fas servers, db servers, virthosts, etc.
  • mailman3 and bodhi2 need to land somewhat soonish before f22 alpha so we can not have to port the old bodhi1/mailman2 servers to ansible.
  • We need to finish koji in staging and finish keepalived.
  • Some more misc playbooks need doing.

We then got mirrormanager2 frontend, backend and crawler working in stg. Still need mirrorlists and a lot more testing. Then we helped out with some release setup for redirects and such for tomorrow.

Tomorrow we all fly back home. It’s been a great FAD, we got a ton of things done… I’m looking forward to the next one. 🙂