On Wed afternoon I flew out to Raleigh for our Mirrormanager2 and Ansible FAD. Luckily this time I got a direct flight (from denver) so no connections to miss. My flight ended up being about 40min late in the end (possibly due to fog, they never said) and I got into the hotel after midnight and crashed.

A bit of background on this FAD. We had planned it many months ago hoping it would be after the Fedora 21 release (alas, due to slips this is not the case). Also, we had hoped to work on FAS3 instead of ansible, but we couldn’t pull all the folks who work on FAS3 in, so we decided to use the second half of the FAD for ansible work that we would really like to get done sooner rather than later. Mirrormanager2 is a re-write of our aging mirrormanager1 setup and we wanted a chance to work with the author of MirrorManager1 (Matt Domsch) to get historical reasoning for choices and where we can redo design.

Thursday was the first day of the FAD (which is hosted over at the Red Hat Tower in downtown Raleigh). We all gathered and did a bit of overview on what was implememented so far on mirrormanager2 (basically the user interface, db and backend) and what we still needed to work on (all the scripts, the crawler, the mirrorlists server, etc).

Then, us sysadmin types stepped away for a few hours for some meetings with folks we work with in Red Hat IT. Some great discussion about plans for datacenters and making things better for our Fedora users via Red Hat infrastructure we can leverage.

Finally we got back to the FAD and went over more information from the past and code started to flow.

We ended the day by going out to a irish pub for dinner, then back to the hotel for some much needed sleep.