Today we started in looking at the big picture where we are in our migration of ansible and what things we need to do to complete it.

There’s 67 hosts still in puppet right now. 27 are all ready to move, we just need to schedule downtime for them and do them. 27 more just need some playbooks written then migrated. The rest are special in one way or another. lockbox01 needs to be the last one we do as it’s the puppet master. The proxy hosts are tracky as they have a LOT of apache config on them. We discussed various ways of moving forward on it.

I started working on landing the playbooks for fas (fedora account system) which turned out to be a bit tricky, but I got our staging instance going. We can do the production ones as soon as we schedule a downtime. Pingou made several playbooks for hosts and got them ready to go. Patrick got the nameservers sorted out and ready to move.

Smooge got all our non logging hosts logging! This was great… of course as reward we get some error messages from a host that he then had to go and fix up, but it’s great to have them all logging away correctly again.

There was some work by Ralph and David to get fedimg all humming along in ansible in staging.

Luke got most of the work to get atomic composes going with bodhi updates pushes setup. Hopefully we can land that next week after release.

We talked about our existing proxy setup (httpd, varnish, haproxy, applications, memcached) and determined that we should change how we are doing memcached. Instead of some shared instances, just give applications a local one that they only talk to. This eliminates the external ones as a point of failure, and should help all the apps.

Tomorrow more ansible. Hopefully we can at least prototype the proxy setup.