The second day of the FAD was also devoted to Mirrormanager work (as we only have Matt Domsch around today).

I created 4 new staging instances for us: a mirrorlist server, a frontend (to run the web frontend), a backend ( to see new content, make mirrorlists, etc) and a crawler (to crawl mirrors and find out of date ones). Took a bit of work to get the production nfs mount setup (read only of course) on the new backend.

Next was fun with databases for me, I copied the production mirrormanager 1 db over to staging and got staging mirrormanager 1 working. (It had a config issue). Then, I made a mirrormanager 2 db from the mirrormanager 1 dump and pingou took that and migrated it to the mm2 schema.

Smooge looked over our stats and found some strange issues, for which we added a bunch of logging to try and isolate what was going on and what people were really getting.

There was a lot of discussion around atomic trees and how to add them properly to mirrormanager.

Then, off to a quick run by the Red Hat holiday party that happened to be going on this evening and off to dinner with Greg from ansible. It was awesome that the ansible folks took us out for dinner, they are great and you should all be using ansible. 😉

Tomorrow on to the ansible part of our hackfest.