I happened to see somewhere (I cannot actually recall now) someone mention the ‘grid-it’ line of organizers and picked up one for my laptop bag.

It’s basically a hard board with lots and lots and lots of straps of various sizes all over one side and a zippered pocket on the other.

You put cables, batteries, whatever through the straps and it keeps them in place. It actually is a great help for me as the fedora laptop bag I use has just one big main compartment, so things mill around in there if they aren’t connected to something. As with many things I find that it usually looks great at the beginning of a trip with everything in place, but gets less so as the trip goes on and things get tossed back in without being put in their place.

For $12 this is a pretty great little device. They of course make them in all sizes and shapes and colors, but they do seem to be pretty handy for organizing that messy laptop bag we all have. 😉