I’ve resisted making a twitter account for a long long time, mostly because I didn’t want another thing to follow and there wasn’t a compelling reason to create an account.

Recently I read an interview with the founder of untappd (the social beer gamification application) on opensource.com: http://opensource.com/life/14/8/interview-greg-avola-untappd

Untappd is very much built on open source and wouldn’t exist without it. It’s awesome to see the tools and frameworks we work on shipping in distributions like Fedora being used in the real world by real people to provide real services.

So, I figured to support a open source friendly platform, and to make a friend who’s been bugging me to sign up for a long while now (Hi Xavier!), I decided to make a untappd account.

I got signed up and installed, but then realized I needed to connect it to a social media to ‘check in’ when I am drinking a new beer. There’s no connection for g+ (Thanks google, for STILL not providing a api to connect and post to g+) or diaspora (Ok, I can understand that since there’s so few people on diaspora, but it would have been nice :). The options are: facebook (no thanks, I treat them as a read-only medium. I have no desire to ever share anything ever with facebook), foursquare (I have heard bad things about them, and didn’t need more games, just untappd), and twitter.

So, long story short, I am now @nirik99 on twitter. Not sure if I will post anything there aside from untappd checkins, but I might decide to. Feel free to follow me or whatever.

I’m also ‘nirik’ on untappd. Happy to exchange good beers there. 🙂