You may not be aware of it, but the claws-mail mail reading application also has a plugin for handling rss feeds: RSSyl.

Since I use claws-mail here for my mail it’s been natural for me to also use it’s rss feed plugin, and it’s got some nice advantages

  • You can read things the same way you read emails, same style sheet/fonts/etc, no weird themes causing reading issues.
  • If you need to forward a rss entry or refer to it, it’s as easy as doing so with an email.
  • You don’t have to run another rss feed application or depend on external services.
  • You can decide how many entries you wish to keep around.
  • You can decide if you want to load images or other resources not in the post from the net when you read the entry, or not.

In the most recent claws-mail update they re-wrote the plugin and it seems to be able to handle things more nicely and quikly now. It’s moved from an odd format to normal claws-mail folders to store entries.

If you are a claws-mail user I recommend you take a look at the RSSyl plugin. 🙂