I’ve seen a fair number of folks recently asking questions like:

“Is $foo installed by default in Fedora?”


“How much space does a default Fedora install take?”


“If I do a default install of Fedora can I then… ”


“I’ve heard rsyslog or sendmail or $foo is no longer installed by default, but I see it here, why is that?”

The problem with all of the above questions is that the term ‘default’ isn’t well, defined. The Fedora Project doesn’t produce one single thing that is “Fedora” that has a specific known set of packages installed. With Fedora 21 there will be 3 ‘products’: cloud, server and workstation. However there will still be all the various “spins”, network installs, upgrades and the like.

So, the lesson here is that almost always you need to be more specific when you talk about “default” when it comes to Linux installs.