Some possibly interesting stats for folks about Fedora’s Infrastructure (collected this morning by ansible, look for a post about that soon)

  • Amusingly, we currently have exactly 400 “instances”. Thats hardware servers, vm’s, cloud instances, etc. There’s more cloud instances that are transitory that aren’t covered in this as well.
  • 2 instances are down (1’s a arm SOC with a bad drive, 1 is a persistent cloud instance we haven’t spun up yet).
  • OS breakdown: 154 are Fedora 20, 135 are RHEL 6, 105 are RHEL 7, 3 are Fedora 19, 3 are Fedora 21 (Thats right, we have more Fedora instances than RHEL anymore)
  • Selinux breakdown: 229 are enforcing, 166 permissive, and 3 are disabled (one of those needs to be, the other 2 should get fixed)
  • Hosts still in our old puppet setup: 67 (expect this to drop after our FAD in early december)

Expect RHEL6 numbers to go down to 0 over the next few months. We are already almost at 50% RHEL7, and so far it’s been great to work with.

Hopefully early next year we can finally retire puppet as well.

UPDATE: I meant to say we had more Fedora Instances than any other single OS. (Seeing RHEL6 and RHEL7 as different). Of course total RHEL is still higher than Fedora instances.