For the last few years our dogs have been blood donors at our local animal hospital/blood bank.

Yesterday was the last donation for our older hound Burner. He is going to turn 9 before his next donation and they want dogs to be younger than 9 to donate. He absolutely loved going to give blood. Tons of attention and pets from the staff, car rides, treats and all kinds of fun. They all signed a ‘blood donor’ bandana and gave him a really nice dog bed as retirement gifts. 🙂 They also said he could come back anytime to visit.

We loved it because not only were we doing good, but he got free yearly checkups, free heartworm meds, and discounts on procedures.

I know the blood our pups have donated have saved lives of other dogs. If you have a dog, do consider applying for them to be a blood donor.

Burner showing the 'roach' position.

Burner knows how to relax