Saturday seemed to come in even more early than the previous days. It’s hard at things like flock… you want to be rested, but there’s so much going on you don’t want to miss things, so I usually just try and suck it up and sleep once things are over. 😉

  • I was going to go to the dnf/rpm talk, but it was already standing room only by the time I got there. I’ll watch the video later I guess. From the slides I did see there’s some great things coming along.
  • I helped out our kernel folks by rebooting a test machine for them. This is one of the machines they run their kernel test suite on. See Justins talk about how you too can run the tests, submit them and get a badge. 😉
  • Pierre and I worked on switching out our fasClient cron job setup for a fedmsg enabled setup. Before, every machine in our infrastructure would run from cron the fasClient tool to sync local shell account information from FAS. This was fine, but 99% of the time nothing changed, so it was extra load on our FAS servers and didn’t do anything. So, we moved things to a central job that listens on fedmsg for events that could cause changes that would apply to our servers and fire off one ansible job to run on all machines. We had a bit of a issue with the ansible-playbook call, but we debugged it back at the hotel before dinner and thought we had it all working.
  • The 3pm governance workshop went really well. I was thinking there was going to be some contention, but for the most part folks there agreed on a great deal. Hopefully the proposal that came out of discussions will meet with the wider communities approval as well.
  • After a nice dinner at a close place (I was tired of walking) we got back to the hotel only to find out that I had screwed up the fasClient cron job (we had moved it from every 30min to every day as a just in case measure, but I mistakenly had it running every minute during a specific hour). Smooge was around and managed to kill things off and I was able to get in and fix it. If you are a sysadmin that gets emails, I am very sorry for the large volume of emails this generated to you.
  • Finally got to sleep around midnight, only to wake up at 3am to get into the cab for the airport. 😉

Another really great flock! I am pretty impressed that everything went so smoothly, especially for those that had to travel in from far away for the conference. Kudos. To all the folks traveling back home in the coming days: safe travels!

I’ll probably post another wrap up blog in a few days with some thoughts about the entire event too.