The day started out far too early as they seem to be at any flock.

The breakfast place in the hotel is not bad. Easy to go there, included in the price of rooms and important early morning coffee. After filling up, time to head over to the conference:

  • First up was Pierre’s talk on “How I built a github clone in 2 weeks”. This was about progit, a small and nice open source replacement for the non free github. Pull requests, tickets, forking repos, etc. There’s still much to possibly add, but it’s already looking very nice. In the talk some folks had questions about adding it to pkgs somehow, which would allow things like forking a package’s repo and submitting pull requests for your fixes to it. Also, possibly a nice place for those people who with to modify a package spec and build it a different way in copr (perhaps as a SCL).
  • Right after that I had to rush over to give my talk on Fedora Infrastructure. Hopefully it was entertaining for everyone. I had some nice stats on where we are now, a list of projects we hope to finish soon, a list of projects we hope to finish in the next year or so and finally pointers to joining us and helping out.
  • Then off to lunch at the same place we had been eating to fuel up.
  • A number of us infrastructure folks then gathered in the open hacking room and worked on various projects. I missed out on Patricks talk about authentication in Fedora, but I hopefully had a good understanding of where we are there. It’s pretty awesome that we have such a nice authentication setup now.
  • Next up was Smooge’s talk on EPEL next. He did a great job going over the history of EPEL and how we got to where we are, then we brainstormed what the problems are and how we could possibly solve them. Very good constructive stuff. 🙂
  • Then, back for more hacking and hallway track.
  • I met in person so many people I have only known from IRC I cannot even list them all. 😉
  • After things finished up, a group of us headed downtown to wander around and do some curio shopping then some dinner. Dinner was good, but the place was pretty slow. A group split off then to go dancing, but I went back to the hotel via tram.