I mananged to get a full nights sleep for once, and after meeting lots of people at breakfast, we headed over to the conference. We were all running a bit late, so we headed to the keynote.

It was quite interesting to see how open source interacts with government. It’s a segment that open source could really make roads into, but we don’t think of it too often. Slowly but surely things are progressing there.

After that I went to the ‘hall way’ track and caught up with infrastructure folks. Very great to catch up with people and go over some things in a high bandwidth way. Also met some more folks I have not met in person, including Hans de Goede, who it turns out was another user of logitech media server and was able to tell me where to find the newer versions that I couldn’t find after my recent server review. 🙂

Then on to the ‘life of a remotee’ talk. I’ve been working remote for something like 20 years, so I didn’t find too much new, but there was a large crowd there, so I think more and more folks are working remotely and are interested in how to be more productive doing that.

After that was Luke Macken’s talk on the Fedora updates process and bodhi2 improvements. I am really looking forward to deploying bodhi2, which we are hoping for a few weeks after f21 is released.

Then things wrapped up for the day and we went to a bar called “The Bar”. 😉

Finally got back to the hotel late, and pushed the new ansible 1.7 release out to Fedora and EPEL.