This year flock (The yearly Fedora conference) is in Prague. Red Hat has a large office in Brno, not far from Prague, so I came out a few days early in order to meet with some of my co-workers in Brno.

Things started with travel, which was quite an adventure. My flight from Denver to Frankfurt was delayed about 95minutes, which meant that I missed the next flight from Frankfurt to Prague, but managed to get rebooked on the next one. Then, that one was also delayed and I just managed to make the bus to Brno from Prague. After the plane, the next plane, the bus and the tram it was something like 36 hours of traveling.

Meetings in Brno were great. I was able to see in person some folks that I have only ever talked to via irc or email. I talked with the folks that run the Fedora retrace server and we are  going to be deploying 2 new big servers for them soon that should make abrt much faster and nicer for everyone. We also had some good talks with the developers of Copr, and we are going to be improving storage and adding signing and lots of exciting things there soon.

Then tuesday I headed up from Brno to Prague via the train. I love trains, and it was nice to see some of the countryside since we were going during the day. Then a metro ride and the hotel. Finally we had a absolutely lovely dinner at a Lebonese restaurant. We wisely just had them bring us food and everything was very tasty.

Tomorrow, flock 2014 starts. Really looking forward to talking with everyone.