Well, we are a little less than 1/2 way through the holidays here (at least for me), and I thought I would post about some misc geekery I have been working on in between eating too much, watching movies and playing games.

Since about November when we started the crunch to release Fedora 20, I have been adding little things to a ‘toplay’ file. These are things I didn’t have time for but thought were interesting and should look into/play around with. The list is still long, but we aren’t even half way done with holidays, so I hope I get more of them looked into.

So far I have:

  • Upgraded my phone to CM11 nightlies. I put this off because it needed a wipe and I just didn’t want to take the time to mess with it. I took nandroid and titanium backups, then wiped it out and upgraded it. Still a but of tweaking to do, but overall I am liking CM11 and the nightlies have been stable enough for me. I do always make a backup when I update, so I can always go back a day if there’s a big problem. I guess this is similar to running rawhide on my laptop. 😉
  • In the phone upgrade I did not re-install google authenticator, but switched all my one time pad needs over to FreeOTP. A lot of people seem unaware that google took authenticator closed source a while back, but they did. FreeOTP is 100% free and also written by some folks at Red Hat. You can find it in the play store, and code/etc at: https://fedorahosted.org/freeotp/
  • I poked a bit at some broken deps in rawhide, but still need to look at most of them. It would sure be nice to get that list down to well… none.
  • I did some rawhide downgrading and rebooting and isolated the versions of selinux-policy and libselinux in rawhide that are causing tons of things to fail with execmem and execstack errors. Hopefully that will get fixed up soon. In the mean time, running permissive mode. ;( See this bug for more info.
  • Upgraded wordpress plugins and themes and associated junk on my wordpress site. I keep the main package updated (with the Fedora provided package), but I sometimes slack on updating all the other stuff that has to be done manually. As a side note, some of the instructions for some plugins is INSANE, things like “chmod -R 777 to properly install this plugin”. No thanks.
  • Got mostly caught up on updating various of my packages (calibre, xfce4-terminal, new ansible with galaxy commands, etc) and responding to bugzillas.
  • I got all setup for using copr for my latest calibre builds. Please see the copr at: http://copr-fe.cloud.fedoraproject.org/coprs/kevin/calibre/ I’m not sure best how to transition from the fedorapeople repo, as redirects aren’t going to work easily. I might just remove it and place a README there for folks to pick up the new location, or come up with something better as I suspect a number of folks might be migrating like that.
  • Non Linux or Fedora related: Finished Diablo 3, ate far too much good food. 🙂

Hopefully over the rest of the break I can start digging into some packages/applications that I have had on my list for ages… repmgr, CRIU, buildbot, phabricator, and others.

Hope everyone else is having a relaxing holiday season.