As of a few days ago, virt-manager is working again in rawhide. 😉 Crobinso tracked down the builds needed (a gtk3 and pygobject3 build). This just goes to show that bugs where there are a lot of interrelated components are difficult to get traction on and get solved. At least some of the delay was also my fault, as I adding the last bug/issue to the previous solved one instead of opening a new bug, and maintainer(s) were not clear that it was still not working.

If you’re a package maintainer, you may have gotten a new bug on your rawhide package that it doesn’t build with “-Werror=format-security”. These will be great to get cleaned up. See for all the fun details.

Ran into a fun bug this last week that turned out to be in glibc (as far as I can tell). I built locally a midori package with webkit2/gtk3 which I do from time to time to see how well the port is coming along. The build finished fine, but starting it resulting in spewing: “Failed to create shared memory file /WK2SharedMemory.NNNNNNNNN” and not working. I then tried epiphany with the same result. Digging around with gdb, I finally got that it was failing in glibc. Looking at changes in the rawhide glibc, I narrowed in on some shm_open changes they made recently. I’m still not sure why the code isn’t working right there, but it is not. I filed a upstream glibc bug on it: so far with no answer. Hopefully they will look into it soon.

Otherwise rawhide is rolling along as always. 🙂