Day one!

Early start as always, and folks started assembling in the auditorium for the world famous state of Fedora talk from our lovely Fedora Project Leader. She talked about love and why we love Fedora and how you follow what you love. There’s a lot of passion in the room for making things better and moving Fedora forward.

After that a quick group snapshot. I’m not sure this is going to turn out that great. We had a LOT of people packed into a small space, but we will see.

The first talk I went to was also in the auditorium, a great overview of our Fedmsg bus. If you’ve not heard much about it, I invite you to look at the slides and video from the talk. We also discussed some great ideas around roping upstream projects and hosting providers into fedmsg collection and tying debian and Fedora together better. ie, sharing more data and seeing things from the other that could be used to help each other out.

Next up was “Why Fedora Sucks” by Christoph Wickert. Pretty much all the things he went over I agree with. They are things we should really try and fix and do better on. Perhaps we could get a group of people interested in solving them, it’s just going to take some grunt work for the most part.

Finally before lunch, there was Dennis Gilmore’s talk on the future of the datacenter. Lots of good discussion about arm in the datacenter and areas that it would end up being used it.

Lunch was at a BBQ place. Not bad. Looked for ice cream, but it was too far to walk before we needed to be back.

After lunch was my HA databases workshop for Fedora Infrastructure. We had several folks who knew a lot about databases and HA and replication, so we had a pretty good discussion about what might meet our needs. Looks like shared iscsi storage might be the best bet. Just have two database server instances that mount a iscsi volume thats shared. This would mean short downtime when switching instances, but might be enough for our needs.

Once that wrapped up and after a drink and some cookies! (yum), it was back to the auditorium for Mitr’s Fedora Next workshop. Lots of discussion on testing and rawhide and what level of things we want to try and do to create a more consistent base.

Just time to drop laptops off at the hotel then we were off to dinner/drinks at The Blind Tiger. I’d have to say the grits and shrimp were better than I expected. 🙂

On to day two tomorrow…