Another week and a second ‘this week in Fedora infrastructure’ post. 🙂

Early this week I switched one of our backup servers over to ansible from puppet and added some rdiff-backup setup on it. Still need a lot of tweaking before the rdiff-backups are useful, but it’s well under way. This should give us some more on-line type backups for things and still leave us with tape for long term needs.

I also setup a base instance for QA folks to explore their taskbot setup on. It was pretty simple to add things to ansible and have it create, install and configure the instance for me. Pretty nice to not have any of those steps needing to be manual anymore.

Since rawhide is now installable again, I added a option to install from Try it out and let me know if there’s any problems with it.

I also did a fair bit of prep work for my visit out to our main datacenter next week. As a reminder we have a outage scheduled for tuesday starting at 21UTC. I’m going to be adding some memory to virtual hosts and getting everything up to date on updates. If you’re looking for me next week, email may be your best bet.