I’m a happy consumer of the excellent cyanogenmod android distro, and recently they have started doing a short weekly blog post with interesting things of note that happened in their community over the last week. I figured this might be a nice thing to try and do for Fedora Infrastructure too. Not sure if I will keep it up, but I’ll give it a go and if you find it interesting let me know. 😉

We had a meeting on IRC with a general overview and some things we need to sort out with our migration to ansible. You can read the meeting minutes at: http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/meetbot/fedora-meeting-1/2013-07-17/infrastructure-ansible-meetup.2013-07-17-19.00.html help or comments always welcome. Many of the outstanding questions are things we likely will discuss and finish planning at the upcoming flocktofedora conference. There’s also now a wiki page with this information on it too: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure_ansible_migration

We just finished up a long outage of our koji buildsystem. It went down at 21UTC on thursday and was back up around 20UTC today. This outage was to move out backend storage for builds. We were bumping up against capacity on our existing storage, so we wanted to move over to a place with more room to grow. Additionally, we tweaked the koji db instance (it’s a virtual as so many of our hosts, and it wasn’t using virtio for it’s disks) to be a lot faster. I also took the change to reinstall all of our builder instances. Ansible did pretty short work of the reinstall/reconfig. About 40 instances reinstalled and updated to the latest packages. We also did clean reinstall and config on all our arm builders (48 now added to the primary buildsys). Look for arm package import and enabling in Fedora 20 soon. 😉