Another slightly late edition of this week in rawhide. 🙂

Overall things continue along in a pretty boring manner, with a few exceptions:

I ran into a situation the other day where systemd stopped talking to dbus. This is not fun, as you can’t start/stop anything or even see status. There didn’t seem to be any updates that looked related, and the issue happened overnight. I rebooted and everything was fine, so I haven’t filed a bug here until I see it again or can isolate exactly what is to blame.

Looks like the issue with NetworkManager taking a few minutes to bring up network on boot is finally fixed up today. Hurray!

There’s still parts falling into place that we need before mass rebuild happens, but hopefully we will be starting that in early next week. Rawhide users will see close to every package they have installed updated, so get ready for heavy bandwidth usage. The last mass rebuild took around a week or so to fully complete, we might be faster this time, I guess we will see.

Astute folks will notice there’s no install images for rawhide today. They failed to compose correctly. Looks like a transitory error that will hopefully be fixed tomorrow.