Skipped a week there as there wasn’t much going on in the rawhide world, just rolling on.

There’s a few oddities to mention this week however:

On recent rawhide kernels, booting up results in no wireless network for about 2min or so, then magically the firmware loads and everything starts working. I’m not sure if this delay is in the kernel, udev, or NetworkManager, but it’s kind of anoying. Will try and track it down enough to file a bug soon.

Also, and this one is entirely cosmetic, the NetworkManager applet after the first time you connect to a vpn, works fine, but never finishes it’s little ‘connecting’ animation. So, there’s a little swirling icon in my system tray forever after the first vpn connection. ;(¬†

There’s likely to be a lot of activity soon in the rawhide world, as we near the Fedora 20 mass rebuild. Stay tuned.

Finally, rawhide is now once again building nightly boot.iso images. So, you should be able to download those and install rawhide directly from the network (also pxe images are created). There’s probably some more work to be done on it, but we could/should also look at fedup support to move to rawhide too.