Day 3 started out over at Macbride hall again.

Some of us Fedora Infrastructure folks got together to hash out any issues and projects we are concerned about in the coming weeks, months or year. We may have some big challenges ahead with ARM possibly coming in as a primary arch, which will stretch our storage and networks and building code. We are going to take a harder look at torrents and see if they are still worth providing to the community. The new community packages and tagging stuff needs to move into production. Lots of high bandwith talks with involved folks in all those areas.

After a nice little lunch, and a few more discussions it was time to head out to the airport. Matt Domsch was able to take 3 of us to the airport, which was nice. At the airport, there was time to sign gpg keys and mail them out from the keysigning the other day as well as make another pass of the assurances that I needed to enter into the system. Hopefully flights home will go smoothly.

Overall it’s been a great fudcon. Lots of things seemed to get discussed and worked out. I heard very little where people were asking for something that they were not willing to champion themselves, which I think is excellent.

Thanks to all the folks who worked so hard to put on a great event and those who attended.