Saturday started off super early: Scheduled for a 8:30 start (although we didn’t actually start until 9am).

We had some intro and then pitching of barcamp sessions. Lots of nice sounding sessions. Then a short State of Fedora talk from our fearless Fedora Project leader.

There were tons of sessions (as you can see from looking at the wiki: Fudcon wiki page for saturday. I went to the session on making Fedora packaging easier. This was a talk to unveil a few new cool applications that can help folks with maintaining packages.

Pretty slick stuff: Community development packages and community dev tagger. It’s fast and could be very very handy for users.

Lunch was a delightful burger and beefy miracle. Good stuff.

After lunch I met up with some IRC folks to discuss some issues and ideas for improvements there. We also did some assurances with a few folks (there’s another session just for that at 4pm, but since we had a few minutes we went ahead and did it to save time later).

Then on to the session on redoing comps and package organization given by Bill Notthingham. There are still lots of details to work out, but comps will split into distro groups (xfce, kde, base, webserver, etc) and categories (web browsers, editors, etc). distro groups will stay in the same place, but categories still need to be hashed out. Some info can come from the package tagging application I saw this morning and some from package maintainers. More info to come, but overall a good plan.

Next was the talk and show and tell on the rasberry pi arm box. It’s a pretty cute little device. I might have to pick up one after they are available.

Then, a lovely cacert event. I assured about 7 people and was in turn assured by 5 more. Then a gpg keysigning which had quite a few folks at it, but we managed to organize and run through checking fingerprints and id’s in short order.

Only a few minutes to drop things off at the hotel and then it was time for FUDPub over at the student center. Lots of food and fun. Finally some more talk back in the hotel where amusingly a wedding party was gathered.

tomorrow will be the last day and travel back home.