Next weekend is Fudcon Blacksberg 2012 and a number of Fedora Infrastructure folks should be there (Including me).

I’ve signed up to give/facilitate 3 workshops/hackfest sessions:

  • Fedora Infrastructure: Revamping our staging server setup, then implemeting it. This will be hopefully friday and sunday. We can try and hash out a plan on friday and look at starting implementation or at least timeline for implementing things on sunday.
  • Fedora Infrastructure: 2 factor authentication brainstorming. This will hopefully be saturday. I’d like to try and get full 2 factor auth setup for yubikeys and/or a clear plan to do so. Ideally we will setup a framework where we can also optionally use other 2factor setups (google authenticator, etc). I will also have some yubikeys with me to distribute
  • Fedora Infrastructure: Getting started/apprentices/Getting involved. This will be a intro session for folks that would like to get involved with infrastructure. We can answer questions, try and find out what would be a good fit for people starting out and work on our apprentice program to try and make it easier for people to join us.

In addition to those, Toshio is going to be running some sessions on Python programming and software releases using our infrastructure as the example. Should be great stuff.

Of course as always in addition to the talks and hackfests, there’s a lively “hallway” track: A chance to meet up with folks and discuss things in a high bandwidth way. I hope to see lots of folks I know, and lots of new faces as well. Happy to discuss any fedora related issues or items there.

If you’re unable to attend this Fudcon, do follow along in -fudcon on There should be pointers there to whats happening, whats being discussed and allow for remote input. Hopefully we will have irc transcribers in various rooms as well.