After seeing Christoph’s post fudcon 2012 todo list I thought that making a post fudcon TODO list was a great idea. Here’s mine (help welcomed!):

  • Need to drop our staging git branch in puppet and merge any staging machine changes into the master branch
  • Need to work on making out applications more ‘container’ like. ie, reduce the things they depend on and make it easier to spin up an env they run in
  • Check out cloud tech and filesystems to see if any will meet our needs
  • See if we can automate spinning up a application env with all needed integration testing machines
  • Get two factor auth working for sudo for sysadmin-main and deploy. Continue adding types of auth and services once it’s solid
  • Talk to the Board about our torrent seeder.
  • Make sure the folks who want to work on reviving smolt have all the info and help they need
  • Figure out how best to deploy the new community/tagger applications to production
  • Find the time to add the nightly live compose to the rawhide/branched scripts so it happens in a totally automated way
  • Finish migrating everything to RHEL6

If there’s something I told you I would help you with/do at Fudcon and you don’t see it above, please let me know and I will add it to the list. 😉