Well, looks like Nash has some roundworms going on, so I get to pick up some de-wormer for all the pups. Hopefully they will handle that ok while on our travels.

Also this morning I noticed Merlin had a loose tooth when I was brushing his teeth. So, he’s scheduled now to go in for a dental tomorrow.
I always hate to have them put under, and I have been putting off a cleaning for Merlin for quite a while now. I sure hope it all goes ok, and that he’s ok with travel the very next day. 🙁 I suspect he will just sleep in the car anyhow though.

I left the pups in the trailer for about an hour today (with the a/c on). They seemed to do just fine hanging out in there while I was gone, although when I got back Nash started barking lots. He does that when I get back to the house too, so hopefully thats normal.

Still have a ton of things to do before hitting the road Wed morning. Hope I can get most of it done…