Yesterday I managed to get a bit of cleaning done and go up to the CGC dinner/meetup. It was fun to catch up with some folks that I don’t see very often and hear all the fun hound stories. A good time was had by all.

Today I started getting the trailer a bit more ready for my upcoming trip. I am heading out Wednesday to go down to the annual halloween party and then the following week I will be heading up into the Gila Wilderness to go deer hunting with a good friend of mine. Should be a fun time all around. I will of course be taking the pups along. I am pretty sure kurt and merlin will be perfectly happy if they have a soft place to hang out that they know somewhat (the trailer). Nash I am a little worried about, since he’s never spent too much time away from a yard to run around in and burn off some energy in. Hopefully he will do ok with some long walks.

Today I: Emptied out the grey/black tanks. Filled the fresh water tank and got all my filter and hoses all fixed up and spooled up. Reorganized stuff in the outside storage, checked to see which folding crate I could easily get in there for Nash (the x-large one will fit, but makes it very hard to access anything while it’s up. The small one fits on the ‘couch’ in the back of the trailer. It’s a bit cramped for Nash, but I think it will work for this trip at any rate), got oil and gas into the portable honda generator I got a while ago and tested it (At least here it has enough power to run the a/c, which is good), Checked on the small heater I have been using in the trailer to keep the water lines from freezing (it’s doing great).

Upcoming tomorrow: work, need to pick up some beers for the beer tasting thursday night, some dog food and a new tag for Nash, find a cat sitter, and then the weekly GURPs game.

Hopefully I can get everything ready to be gone for 2 weeks by Wed.