Man did I get a pile of packages today. Most everything I ordered via mail order in the last few weeks picked today to arrive on.
Trailer Dolly, microwave, hitch lock, coffee pot, etc. Tomorrow the generator shows up.
The one thing I am lacking is a folding crate for nash to use in the trailer. I looked at petsmart today, but they are more the 2X what they would
cost on-line. ;( Guess I will order one and see how he does without this weekend.

hanging out

The boys, just hanging out in the doggie bunker after a walk.

xpen of doom

Here you can see how over large the x-pens I got are. They are the 48″ ones, when I should have probibly gotten the 36″ ones.
(This is 2 of the 8panel ones hooked together. You can hook them easily, but you have to disconnect them to transport them).

ac of doom

The A/C unit of DOOM. I did figure out that I wasn’t adjusting it right, so I can now get it to now totally freeze everything solid in a few minutes.