I have made a point of hanging out in the trailer with the pup for a few hours every day to get them used to it.
They seem to be liking it pretty well so far. Nash does get a bit hyper on occasion, but then he’s a puppy. 🙂

The a/c in the doggie bunker works really well. Far too well. Even on low it cools everything to meat locker temps in a few minutes.
I guess it would be more useful in the summer.

I have a bunch of mail order stuff coming in this week for the trailer: A trailer dolly, a convection microwave, 12v crock pot and all sorts
of nick nacks. Should be nice to get all that stuff in and stocked. Probibly will go on a shakedown trip next weekend.
Perhaps I should just make a reservation at the campground down by the faire. I know they have hookups and wireless… and a dog park.