Well, headed out today for a shakedown cruise with the new trailer.
I decided to just go to the castle rock campground, since they had hookups, a dog park, and were only an hour away.

I had a bit of annoyance getting hiched.. had to move small amounts back and forth until I got it right. Then, I managed to scrape
the awning a bit on my gate getting out of the side yard. ;( Oh well. It’s very small damage.

Once I hit the road things were smooth. There was a bit of wind, but the trailer had no problems. I did get going about 70mph at some points (didn’t want to get too close to the other traffic witch was kinda heavy) and there were no issues.

The campground people were nice and friendly. I pulled into my spot and looked at hooking everything up:

Power: no problem. Just a plug. Worked great.
Water: Hooked up my pressure control value, hose, filter, to my “shore water” plug, and got nothing. Not sure right now if thats due to the pressure value messing up somehow, or if there is something broken with their water pump. ;( Perhaps I will look more in the morning.
Sewer: no luck. I got a 10′ sewer hose and a fitting from the dealer, and another bit mail order, but there are several issues here: The sewer connector is more than 10′ away. The fittings are not compatible. Oh well.
Wireless: works fine, although I had to monkey with things to register on the stupid click thru page.

Nash was kinda a pest at first, but finally relaxed after a few walks.

I think things are going to work out nicely with it. With any luck I would be in this very campground next year for faire. 😉