Just a quick nash update. So far he’s still doing pretty well. He’s also still very cute. 😉


  • He does whine in the crate, usually after about 10min in there, then he stops at about 15-20min, when he realizes that I am not going to let him out and going back to sleep is a better option.
  • From about 7:00-8:30pm he’s a little maniac
  • His fav chew toy is his leash. It’s a neverending battle to pull it out of his mouth and put in a chew toy
  • His next fav chew toy is me. Those puppy teeth can be sharp!


  • He’s very cute. A few times he’s done little greyhound zoomies around the yard. 🙂
  • He’s a champion roacher. He roaches at the drop of a hat
  • He loves people attention. He loves pets and wags his tail for more
  • He’s a bit spazy, but coming along well for walks on leash
  • He goes right in the crate
  • number of accidents in the house: 0
  • He wants to play with the big dogs. Kurt is happy to oblige, Merlin is more reserved
  • It’s cool to see him see new things like sprinklers (bit into the water) or leaves in the pool (jump in and attack!) 🙂

I was worried about him sleeping thru the night last night. He had a big case of big D in the evening before, so I wanted to make sure
and let him out. He whined at about 1:30 and 5:30 and 7 and woke up and let him out each time, and he layed down and looked at me.
Tonight I am just going to try and sleep… I think he will do fine. 😉