Yesterday was my birthday, so I made plans to go out to dinner and see a show in boulder. I knew I would be gone quite a while, so I took the pups out to petsmart (nash loved all the people and played with another puppy), a very long walk (nash was slowing down at the end), and a long play session in the back yard before I left (Merlin for the first time played chase with him and they both tired each other out).

So, I crated Nash and went off to dinner.
I was gone about 6 hours. I made it home and opened the door and there to greet me were Merlin and Kurt and Nash. Yes, thats right, he figured out
how to jigle the crate door and open it. He was out loose in the house. I don’t know for how long. There was a poop and a pee accident upstairs in a place that a foster used to go long ago. On a matt. Nothing else was wrong. Lots of toys around, but no sign of chewing or destruction.
I’m impressed with the little escape artist. 😉

Until thursday night he had had 0 accidents in the house. Merlin in particular is warming up to him. Kurt always liked him.
Will try and post some pictures later tonight.