I’ve been remiss in posting cute puppy pics, so I best get to it. These are all from the last week here.

Overall Nash is doing pretty well still. Man does he like to chew, but otherwise is doing good. I have determined that there are several kinds of “tired” however. I can take him on a walk and he will stop and rest in the grass and look like he is ready to just collapse, but then when we get home he’s very happy to chew and chew on chew toys, not sleep.

nash roach

Nash shows that he can roach with the best of em.

nash sleeps

Very cute when sleeping.

merlin and nash on a walk

Merlin and Nash on a walk.

Nash and chewing

Everyone loves LOG!

Merlin in the yard

Merlin: “I know he’s in there”


Sure enough, there he is. BONZAI!

Nash in crate

Crates are ok places for a roach.

Nash and monkey

Monkey? Hey, this couch is pretty comfy.

Nash in the grass

Bye for now.