Well, after about a zillion delays and logistical problems, I picked up Nash the puppy this morning.
(I almost didn’t, as the park and ride where we were going to meet has become a mall, and neither of us had brought the others cell phone #, so we have to wander around aimlessly, but it worked out and we found each other 🙂

He rode back with no problems at all:

Nash in the car

He met up (again) with Kurt and Merlin. Oddly Merlin pretty much ignored him and Kurt was super interested in playing. I didn’t want kurt to hurt him, but he was play bowing and jumping around and chasing him. Nash kept running under Kurt. Tails were wagging up a storm.

Blurry, but you get the idea. Nash is a master of the full body, contact roach on the grass. He puts his nose down, and flops his entire body down after it.

Nash and Kurt

Got an itch:

Nash scratching

Nash: “Hey Kurt! Play!!!!!”

Nash and Kurt

Tally so far:

  • Many roaches
  • Chew toys are excellent!
  • Baths suck and you should squirm around as much as possible
  • The crate is great. Nice place for a nap
  • Walks are fun, but tiring
  • Cats: who cares?
  • Kisses on the nose of the human are fun

So far he’s very well behaved, very mellow and doing great. This is totally diffrent than my last puppy experence.

PS: dog/greyhound folks, drop me an email if you want to come by and visit the little guy. I should be around pretty much all the time this coming week except thursday.